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Ordering High Quality Printed Circuit Boards Made Easy by Imagineering, Inc.

Technology continues to evolve every day, together with our increasing demand for it. As companies continue to demand more materials to construct everyday electronic equipments, the competition of electrical component producers also rises.

With this kind of business progression, we at Imagineering, Inc. have decided to make planning, canvassing, and ordering printed circuit boards much easier for everyone who needs them. Everyone can now easily request for quotation, material descriptions, and orders via the web or over the phone. One of our goals is to provide high-quality materials to everyone in the easiest possible way and at the best value.

Printed Circuit Board Classifications

PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDSOur circuit boards are classified according to what type of equipment they are going to be used. They are also based on the quality class standards set by the industry.
Class 1 PCB’s are commonly used in testing project designs. They are also used to verify tests made in a laboratory. Other regular electronic products also use this kind of printed circuit board.

Class 1 PCB’s are commonly used in testing project designs. They are also used to verify tests made in a laboratory. Other regular electronic products also use this kind of printed circuit board.

Class 2 PCB’s are used in more advanced electronics that experience more stress and higher levels of usage. Examples of these are cell phones and other communication gadgets and company electronics.

Class 3 is the last type of printed circuit board which is also much more sophisticated compared to Classes 1 and 2. This classification of printed circuit boards is commonly used in medical, aircraft’s, and military equipments that need more reliability.

Ease of Canvassing for the Right PCB

Imagineering, Inc. fully utilized the capabilities of the internet and made a powerful website that would give full convenience to our customers when purchasing printed circuit board products.

We have included in the website a quote request feature so you can have a detailed preview of how much you will need for a specific project. You can do this by simply clicking the GET A QUOTE button on our website www.pcbnet.com. From fully functional printed circuit boards to the bare boards, we got it all and we’re always ready to provide you with a quote.

What you need to do is just go to our website and fill up a short form asking for the details of your specifications. Once you are done with specifying the details, our friendly operators will contact you back through email or over the phone. You won’t be required to make a purchase after you have requested for a quote.

Special Introductory Offers

From thousands of dollars provided as a discount up to the free printed circuit board parts that would cost up to $500, these offers and discounts make things more favorable for customers. For you to use this, you must call us after you have received your money. Once you’re on the phone, you now must inform the operator about the special offer and you’re good to go.


The pricing will depend on the size of the board and what components you are going to put it. The printed circuit boards we are making are dependent on the specifications you are requesting for. For a look at the pricing range, you can go to the link https://www.pcbnet.com/Quotes/Board/.

How to Order

Knowing the price of the item you are planning to purchase is very important and can greatly help you is your budgeting. For you to start ordering you must fill up a quote request form in our website and then submit it to us for a completely accurate quote. Once the quote has been given to you, you can now place a bid. You just need to fill up the form so we can get further details from you; one of our operators will call you to finalize everything.

Other Services

PCBImagineering Inc. has developed three possible methods of further satisfying your customers.

The first one is the Full Turnkey wherein the printed circuit board is now fully functional based on your specification.

The second one is the Consignment wherein Imagineering, Inc. takes on the responsibility of building the PCB for you. You just have to send them the materials and then leave the job to them afterwards. We will not touch any item until the complete material arrives.

Last is the PCB Fabrication wherein we simply create unique high-quality PCB’s. From a multi-layer PCB to the metal type, we got everything for you.

How to Reach Us

For those who want to go directly to us, you may use the online maps but it can you in getting directions. Of course, it’s also possible to get in touch with us through phone.


We at pcbnet provide high quality printed circuit boards with a quote and affordable cost. You can do this by simply clicking the Get A Quote button on our website www.pcbnet.com.